April 24, 2022

ARTIFACT: 1939 Souvenir Brochure

Above, today's artifact, a 1939 New York City brochure. It was printed and distributed to those who advertised in it, in this case, Woolworth's. What is amazing about it is its size, nearly 5 foot by 2 foot when unfurled. There is plenty of information to absorb, and for the Tudor City fan, a six-panel ad. 

Of course, the big news is the 1939 New York World's Fair, and thus the largest picture is an aerial view of Tudor City and the Fair:

After that, the Fair was forgotten in favor of the countless wonders of Tudor City. Still, there were two things that caught our eye.

One is sublime, this elegant take on The Woodstock. . .

. . . while no doubt the silliest was the sad copy above, somewhat saved by a map of the community.

The rest of the brochure touches on everything you can possibly imagine. Here's the Chrysler Observation Tower:
Finally, to fill up space throughout the brochure, there are small photos of storefronts. Below, a collection for your inspection.


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