August 28, 2022


Please welcome the latest arrival to the neighborhood, Tudor City Tavern. Set in the rear of the Westgate New York Grand Central ‒ the former Hotel Tudor ‒ it's relatively unknown in Tudor City, and just might be the perfect rendezvous.

A quiet, pleasant-looking bar. A 19-page menu, that specializes in bourbon. There are partnership deals with Horse Soldier Bourbon, Buffalo Trace Distillery, Chappellet Family Vineyards, and Stella Artois (above). Of particular interest to this blog, it offers specialty drinks named after famed, long-ago characters:

Directly across from the bar is a mini-marketplace of sundry goods that the bartender will add to your tab. They make life easy for you here.


  1. I’ll have a Manhattan

  2. It use to be so beautiful in the bar. Decades ago it was an old school new york bar and the restaurant was lovely. Sorry to see it go by the wayside of an "airport" looking bar with the almost vending machine set up for snacks & whatnot.