August 14, 2022

REAL ESTATE REPORT: What's Your Apartment Worth?

Recent Tudor City sale prices via Streeteasy.
The Cloister 
$970,000, Apt 201, two bedroom
$875,695, Apt 905, two bedroom

Essex House
$625,000, Apt 808, one bedroom
$460,000, Apt 111, one bedroom

Haddon Hall
$999,500, Apt 901C, two bedroom
$949,000, Apt 701C, two bedroom

Hardwicke Hall
$825,000, Apt 103C, two bedroom
$820,000, Apt 405B, two bedroom

Hatfield House   
$345,000, Apt 901A, studio
$315,000, Apt 401A, studio

The Hermitage 
The Hermitage is a rental-only building. Recent monthly rentals:
$6,495, Apt 305, three bedroom
$5,595, Apt 204, two bedroom

The Manor  
$975,000, Apt PH 17, one bedroom
$525,000, Apt 418, one bedroom

Prospect Tower, No. 45
$495,000, Apt 1907, one bedroom
$485,000, Apt 2011, one bedroom

Tudor Gardens, No. 2
$2,495,000, Apt 11AS, three bedroom
$1,190,000, Apt 5BN, two bedroom

Tudor Tower, No. 25
$940,000, Apt 1010, two bedroom
$825,000, Apt 1212/1214, two bedroom

Windsor Tower, No. 5
$2,999,900, Apt PH C, two bedroom
$605,000, Apt 1532, one bedroom

Woodstock Tower
$899,000, Apt 2807/2809, two bedroom
$555,000, Apt 918, one bedroom

The revelation that the million dollar studio is at almost at hand is the big news this cycle. Penthouse 3C of Haddon Hall has just been listed at a cool $995,ooo by Douglas Elliman.
The view from the outside is rather simple, a square-ish box atop a rooftop. 

Inside, it's business as usual. The room is good-sized but nothing special, save for having windows on three sides. The website helpfully adds "it's also possible to build out onto the terrace." Hmmm.

In the end, it's all about the outdoor space, all 1,040 square feet of it. There's nothing wrong with the northern view from the west terrace (below) either.  

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