October 15, 2022

OBAMA Checks In

It began simply enough as a father/daughters overnight in New York City, and was slightly complicated as the father was Barack Obama, president of the United States.

Nonetheless, on July 17, 2015, he and daughter Sasha, 14, take the jet and are met in NYC by daughter Malia, 17. They have dinner at Carbone, then take a private tour of the Whitney Museum around twelve midnight.

For reasons unknown, they spend the night at the Hilton New York Grand Central, the original Hotel Tudor. 
Photo evidence comes from an Instagram post by Shoshanna Hecht:

The Secret Service used the back entrance to the hotel on 41st Street as the main entrance, adding some tents to jazz things up. The traffic flow on Tudor City Place was reversed, so Obama entered on 43rd and proceeded down to 41st Street.

The following day, the family and assorted friends make a quick visit to Central Park (above) followed by lunch at Upland. Then on to a matinee of the hip-hop musical Hamilton. After that, back home to Washington. 


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