January 1, 2023

What Happened to Tudor City?

 A recent assessment of the buildings in Tudor City was a disheartening one. All the buildings ‒ except one ‒ is sheathed in scaffolding. 

The bright side of this is we've got four years to get it right. Four years from now, in 2027, Tudor City turns 100 years old. That is something worth celebrating.

The Hermitage.

340 and 342 E. 43rd, built in 1870; landmarked as part of Tudor City in 1988.

The Manor.  

N0. 45. 

No. 25.

No. 5, making progress.

No. 2.  

Essex House. The Christmas decorations on the overhang are a whimsical touch.

The entrance to the 3Hs, now in its fourth year with the construction of the Turken Foundation dormitories.

The Tudor Grove playground, owned by the city since 1948. 

The Woodstock.

The Church of the Covenant amidst roof repair.

Hotel Tudor, now the Westgate New York Grand Central.

And finally, The Cloister, the only building without scaffolding. 

Happy New Year!

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