February 1, 2023


Above, an advertisement extolling the merits of the New York World-Telegram which ran in the April 29, 1940 issue of Time magazine. Let's take a closer look.

A popping headline ‒ with the all-caps word MANHATTANITES ‒ gets the message across. "They want to be near the office, yet part of the taxi-riding, theater-going, supper-clubbing night life that is the glamour of New York." 

Two families are chosen and interviewed: the "Whitbys" of West End Avenue and the "Taylors" of Tudor City. 

The Whitbys make typical pronouncements of young Manhattanites.  

Strikingly, the Taylors of Tudor City feel the same way.

After some long-winded statistics comes the result: better than 1 out of 3 families (paying $100 or more per month rent) read the World-Telegram. That's not bad at all.

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  1. How the World turns and changes with time!