April 9, 2023


 Today, a look at an age-old problem, the price of an egg. . . and bread and butter and gasoline and clothing, really the price of everything. In 1933, inflation was rising, but according to the copywriters of these ads, there was a cure: Tudor City. 

This was a month-long campaign that ran in August, 1933, and the message was plain: "Leasing in Tudor City now gives you 1934's apartment at today's prices." The logic was a bit flawed, but it was not without merit.

"Higher commodity prices have already resulted in higher apartment rentals. Yet there is one important difference. By signing your lease in Tudor City now, you can have your rent fixed ‒ at present low levels ‒ for an entire year." 

Well, it sounded good at the time, although whether or not it increased rentals is anyone's guess. 


  1. I wish the Good Old Day’s we’re here
    Again! G.

  2. Tudor City is still a mighty fine place to live. Volunteer, get involved, and remain active to maintain its legacy.