May 28, 2023

ARTIFACTS: A Mug and a Coffee Pot


A mug and a coffee pot are the artifacts of the day, the first a souvenir of the Three Lions Pub, set in the Hotel Tudor. It opened in 1964 as the hotel's answer to the British invasion popular at the time, rendered in a pleasantly faux-authentic manner.  

On the reverse was written Honour, Fame, Love and Wealth may desert us, but Thirst is Eternal. The Three Lions Pub had a long enough life ‒ it closed in 1979 ‒ and left behind some imagery:

Its main entrance at 305 E. 41st St. had its own awning (at left), while its print ads made it seem a bit fancier than it really was.

The second artifact has not as much provenance, a coffee pot simply stamped TUDOR CITY.  

On the underside is the manufacturer's name, Stanley Insulating Co. of Great Barrington, Mass. The firm was well known for its insulated bottles. Other Tudor City coffee pots were made by Gorham, a renowned silversmith. More about it here.


You certainly didn't think I'd forget Manhattanhenge!


Monday, May 29, 8:13 pm, half sun
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