July 30, 2023

Odds and Ends

Today's post is a catalogue of almost-there moments, moments when you had a vague glimmer of Tudor City.  

From the Daily News of 1960, comes the unlikely story of the seven-foot tall wolfhounds and the 12-year-old starlet. We will leave the details up to you.

Tudor City's towers lay hazily in the background of this photo made in the 1930s. The men are Stew, Mac, Leo, Roberto and Bob (via a note on the back). In the upper right corner are the smokestacks of the New York Edison Company.

Also from the Daily News, a picture of the 1969 Summer Festival Queen, toting a banner reading "New York is a Summer Festival." They had much better luck a few years later with a different slogan, the year-round "I ❤ NY."

Edie Sedgwick ('It' Girl of 1965), Chuck Wein (friend of Edie) and Andy Warhol (artist) at a cocktail party at the Empire State building. Tudor City at the upper right, above the artist's head. More Andy Warhol, here.

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