July 2, 2023


Here are some pictures that began life as black-and-white photographs that now have been cleverly colorized by hitting a button on a computer. How simple is that?

Midtown Manhattan around 1932. Tudor City is just to the left of center.

Two studies made from No.5, showing the Chrysler building and The Woodstock, and the view toward No. 5's very own weathervane. 

The entrance to the South Park was based on the English graveyard model, the Lich Gate.  

From the rooftop of No. 45, one can see The Woodstock, the Empire State building, the Daily News building, the Chanin building, and the Chrysler building.

The underpass of the former tunnel on 42nd Street, lined with stairs leading up to Prospect Place. A trolley car makes its way through.

Edie Sedgwick in a still from the film Ciao! Manhattan (read more about it here). Whatever happened to that leopard skin coat is anyone's guess, but the Civil Defense sign is still there on the north wall of No. 45.

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