October 22, 2023


 Assorted photographs that might require a bit of explanation as to why they are included in this post.   

In our first example, the picture depicts a melon about to be eaten, but another question lingers. What does all this have to do with Tudor City?

The answer is woven in the tablecloth. The three F's (for Fred F. French) and the words TUDOR CITY.


Made in the 1960s, this photo of the local delicatessen with a familiar name has come to our attention. Although it was never officially part of Tudor City, the Tudor Delicatessen was part of the scene unofficially.  


A still from 1977 promoting the film "Superman" starring Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder, where the two actors can be seen hanging around the Daily News building; Tudor City can be seen in the Hotel Tudor sign at upper left. Below, how the newspaper itself reported the story. 


This scene of the United Nations at night is enhanced by the shout-out by the Secretariat, which proudly spelled out the UN's initials in honor of its birthday. But where is Tudor City?     

The Tudor City sign can be glimpsed above at the upper right corner, with Prospect Tower melting into the inky darkness below. More surprising, a couple of blocks away are signs (for Reilly Electrotype Company, Cirker's Gramercy Storage Warehouses, and Consolidated Production Service) that are clearly read even at night.


  1. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Ron CavegliaOctober 22, 2023

    Appreciate your sharing with all of us these terrific photos and historic facts regarding Tudor City’s colorful past, and its contemporary legacy too! 👏

  3. Love your sleuthing! Crazy to imagine how many promotional items were probably created by the French Company. It makes me wonder where they've all ended up. It'd be such a hoot to have a couple place settings of Tudor City china or flatware.