November 12, 2023


International film posters
Today, we re-visit Ciao! Manhattan, which we first posted about seven years ago. An underground movie, it's acquired a cult following over time thanks to its poor-little-rich-girl star, Edie Sedgwick. The ending was depressing, but the post was a big hit.

The years passed, and it got us wondering if there were any other photos around. After a diligent search, here are the results. 

First, there was a photo depicting Edie in a gravity-defying pose on the Sharansky Steps, shooting the cameraman a knowing look. 

Sedgwick radiating Sedgwickiness at the top of the steps. Over her shoulder, the fallout shelter sign mounted on the wall of No. 45.

Another variation on the theme.

Afterward ‒ sans leopard skin coat ‒ Edie bums a cigarette from a guy with the perfect pudding bowl haircut, as another helper with a blunt bob looks looks on. Even the off-camera staff's hair is groovy.

Finally, a rare color photo. Who knew that the color of Edie's cap was blue? While you ponder that question, you might want to take a look at the original post.

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  1. The cap might be working girl denim. Cool then, cool now.