December 31, 2023


 We bring you some odds and ends to start the New Year.

Marian Marsh, the famous film star recently acclaimed the most popular of the younger generation of the film fraternity, forms a striking picture when viewing New York giants from a giant ‒ seen on the roof of her hotel with the skyscrapers surrounding her, showing the Tudor City residential district on right.

So reads the photo caption attached to this publicity still. This was taken around 1931, when Marian Marsh's hopes for Hollywood stardom were on the rise. After signing a contract with Warner Brothers, she was selected to appear opposite John Barrymore in Svengali (she played Trilby). It was not a smash-hit success, however, and after appearing in a number of other pictures, Marsh's contact was not renewed.

Her career never recovered. She eventually made more movies at sketchier studios, finally giving it up when she married in 1939. Her own press clippings were sold at auction years later, led by ‒ what else ‒ a Barrymore souvenir for Svengali, below.

This cartoon ran in 1953 in the Daily News. Not much more can be said about it.


A reader forwards a picture of what once was a New York taxicab ‒ a genuine Checker Marathon ‒ now retooled, repainted black and reserved for private use. It was photographed in the 43rd St. cul-de-sac opposite the United Nations.  


NEW YORK, Jan. 27 ‒ WINTRY SCENE ‒ Pedestrians plod through the snow past the split rail fence enclosing Tudor City Park on New York's East 42nd Street last night after a winter storm deposited four inches of snow in the city. The area still had snow left from last week's storm. (AP Wirephoto)   

Another press photo to illustrate a more general topic, winter. It could have run any time, but the park's fence (and the parked car's tail lights) suggest the date was the early 60's. 


Finally, a year ago, we ran a piece about repair work in Tudor City, which at the time included every building except The Cloister. A year later, the scaffolding has been removed from The Hermitage, No. 25, No. 5, the rowhouses along 43rd St., the city-owned playgrounds, the Church of the Covenant, and the 42nd St. entrance of Hotel Tudor (nka The Westgate New York).

The Manor, No. 45, No. 2, the 3-H's, Essex House, The Woodstock, and the 43rd St. entrance of Hotel Tudor remain under repair.

Happy New Year!

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