December 17, 2023


Today, a look back at the archives of the monthly magazine given free to all residents. Begun as Tudor City Service in 1934, it changed its name to Tudor City View in 1938. The selection of covers here ran in 1938 and 1939.

We begin with a look at The Sign, lit at night.

A photo of children's playground. The fine print under the picture reads: "No wonder the Tudor City juveniles like it here in the Playground, which has all the play equipment that any child could long for."

The Cloister gets a cleaning. The fine print: "The Cloister, as other Tudor City buildings, comes in for its spring cleaning, with good old elbow grease and soap doing a twin job that brightens facades in tune with the flowering parks." 

A doorman awaits you at No. 25.

From an issue promoting the Tulip Festival, a picture of some students from Miss Traver's Private School posed in Dutch costumes.  

We conclude with an eerie image of the enclave, replete with a out-of-focus sign. 

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