March 24, 2024

Artifact: HOTEL TUDOR Letter, 1940

The artifact of the day is this letter, sent by Hotel Tudor to a man who requested rate information. 

It's addressed to Lloyd Gillett of Tampa, Florida, and postmarked June 26, 1940.

In the enclosed letter, Mr. Gillett got the usual gracious response. It even showed some flair in the fanciful signature of its manager, Robert C. Agard.

Included is a rate card with daily rates ranging from $2 to $8. Also notes that breakfast is from 25 cents, luncheon from 50 cents, and dinner from 70 cents.  

A self-addressed complimentary envelope is included.


  1. So terrific to see these charming letters! 👏

  2. Fabulous!!!

  3. Thank you, Curt!