May 12, 2024

ANATOMY OF A PHOTO: 42nd St and Second Ave

Once again, an episode of Anatomy of a Photo in which we examine a photograph in close-up. This one was taken by the Wurts Bros around 1943, just after the Second Avenue El was disassembled and carted away.

We begin with this close-up of the northeast corner of 42nd and 2nd. From left to right are a Cigar vendor, a Beauty Salon, and a Laundry; a line of parked cars borders the ramp. A sign urges QUIET ‒ a hospital is nearby.

On the opposite southeastern corner is a Whelan's Drug store; the two-story building that is its home is a 'taxpayer' ‒ a building that was put up temporarily to pay the taxes until better times came along. The second floor was occupied in part by the Home of Empire State ‒ Cleaners, Tailors, and Launderers.

As for the remaining businesses around the corner on 42nd Street, there is a Hosiery, a Cleaners, and an awning bearing the words Hotel Tudor. But it's the sign on the second floor that catches one's attention: TUDOR HAIRDRESSERS. Clearly one  of the Tudor City wannabes in the neighborhood.      

Of course, it would be remiss not to include close-ups of the Hotel Tudor sign. . .  

. . . and the ghostly Tudor City sign.

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