December 9, 2016


Direct from the Strange-But-True files comes this fun tidbit -- for 22 years there was a third park in Tudor City, nestled between the North and South Parks. The Middle Park, if you will. As shown below, the Middle Park was a narrow sliver atop the 42nd Street tunnel, bisected by Prospect Place.

This third park was in place from 1927, when the complex opened, until 1949, when the 42nd Street tunnel was torn down to make way for the new bridge.

The third park was bordered on either side by service roads leading up to Prospect Place. This view (made from within the park) looks west down 42nd Street, with the Woodstock, Chanin Building and 2nd Ave elevated train in the distance. The rowhouses at right were owned by the French Company, but never developed, and replaced by a playground in the 1960s. 

For some perspective, here's the third park (arrow) as seen from the Manor, looking south along Tudor City Place. In the foreground, is the North Park with its gravel paths, fountain and vine-covered pergola.


  1. Great pix, as always. But the row houses on both sides of 42nd Street were replaced by the new public parks. The Ford Foundation replaced the large hospital building west of the row houses.

  2. You are quite right & have amended the text -- thanx