June 13, 2017

Tudor City on Film: CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC

This installment of Tudor City on Film hits rock bottom with Can't Stop the Music, widely considered to be one of the worst movies ever made. Thankfully, Tudor City's appearance in this turkey is fleeting, just a brief scene opposite the Sharansky Steps, over and out.

Made in 1980, it's a musical based on the founding of the Village People – a disco act of that era – with a cast that includes Steve Guttenberg, Valerie Perrine and Bruce Jenner.

The reviews are dismal ‒ a "movie without any plot" with a "dopey" cast, "sub-standard score," and "production numbers of exceptional tackiness." The picture eventually wins the first Razzie Award ‒ indeed, it's said to have inspired the Razzies ‒ and is now considered a camp classic.
Bruce Jenner, long before he changed his name and gender, at the foot of the Sharansky Steps. He plays Ron White, a lawyer from St. Louis, who represents the Village People.
He's flirting with Valerie Perrine, a formal supermodel turned super-songwriter's agent. Even though he's very square, they're having a fling.
But Jenner's character doesn't stay square for long. He drops some Ecstasy, quits his job, and changes his look. . .
. . . to this Village People-esque outfit that seems to be a portent of his future. This scene not shot in Tudor City.

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