July 5, 2017

Building Spotlight: TUDOR GARDENS, NO. 2

Concluding our survey of individual Tudor City buildings, here's the lowdown on Tudor Gardens, No. 2 Tudor City Place. 
Artist rendering from 1955 brochure
 8 Prospect Place, the hold-out
No. 2 is constructed decades after Tudor City's original phase of construction, since a hold-out building (at left) prevents development of the lot. It is finally acquired by the French Company in 1945, but it is not until January, 1956 that it is ready for occupancy.

➺ 15 floors, 333 apartments. Units range from studios to three-bedroom apartments.

➺ Faced with red brick, designed in a bland, no-nonsense style. Tudor City's only apartment tower without the Gothic embellishments found in the rest of the complex.

➺ Unlike the rest of the complex, it is a ground-lease co-op, set on land that the co-op rents but does not own. The current land lease is in place until February 1, 2150.

➺ The only Tudor City building with onsite parking in its own underground garage. Monthly rate is roughly $475 for outsiders, discounted for No. 2's residents.

1955 ad. Convenience to Midtown remains a top selling point,
along with free electricity and state-of-the-art General Electric kitchens.

Typical floor plan, 1955. The building is comprised of two towers connected by a central lobby.

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