November 7, 2017

Tudor City Place GETS PAVED

Today we spotlight June 6, 1952, a watershed date in community history, the day Tudor City's streets get paved.

Prior to this, the roads are cobblestone. We believe that these stones ‒ most likely Belgian granite ‒ were installed around 1870, when the neighborhood was on the upswing following the Civil War. Fast forward to 1952, when Tudor City's streets are finally paved with asphalt as part of the overall neighborhood spruce-up for the arrival of the United Nations.

Below, 'before' pictures of the cobblestones in place.
Looking east down 43rd St. toward the U.N., circa 1951.

Looking south down Prospect Place, showing the North Park around 1930.
Parking was a breeze in those days.

The paving of the road causes quite a stir among the residents. Times were simpler then. Below, photo-documentation and captions of the phenomenon from Tudor City View, the local magazine.

The cobblestones are still there, buried beneath the asphalt, Every now and then, they reappear in a breach in the pavement, a glimpse of Tudor City of yore.

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