March 28, 2018

Tudor City Artifact: 1941 MENU

Today's artifact is a luncheon/dinner menu from the Prospect Tower Restaurant, dated September 9, 1941. Click on images to enlarge.

Cover illustration sells the enclave's proximity to subways,
bus lines, elevated stations, and of course, Grand Central.

Lunch choices include such timeless classics as Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Chocolate Layer Cake. Lamb Hash Potted with Green Peppers, and Baked Apple with Cream , however, have fallen out of favor. 

Inflation comparison: $1.50 then, $26.50 today.
Not a bad price for the Special Dinner!

Beer options are familiar, with Budweiser, Schaefer and Pabst Blue Ribbon on offer. Inflation comparison: that 25-cent Bud would run you roughly $4.40 today.

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  1. I love on the special dinners the offer of celery and olives. I remember that being served at an old school restaurant years ago in Bronxville called the Town Tavern. I would go there with my parents.