March 30, 2018


The Prospect Place Beer Garden, then and now.

Circa 1933, from Tudor City View

Once upon a time, Tudor City had its own alfresco beer garden, set where No. 2 stands today, at the southern terminus of Prospect Place (now Tudor City Place). Until 1956, the lot remained undeveloped because the building at far right ‒ 8 Prospect Place ‒ refused to sell to the French Company. Thus, there were tennis courts on its northern side for many years, and on its southern end, a short-lived beer garden. Little is known about this enterprise other than the above photo, which suggests it was a casual, neighborhoody endeavor. View looks west from the vantage point of No. 5, with 40th Street on the left and the 2nd Ave El off in the distance.

The same site is unrecognizable today. The long-gone beer garden has been replaced by No. 2, the 2nd Ave El demolished, and 40th St transformed into a canyon of steel and glass.

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