March 22, 2018


This episode of Tudor City on Film examines The Godfather Part III, the final entry in The Godfather trilogy. Starring Al Pacino and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, this 1990 picture was initially panned as the weakest link of the trio, but now, 28 years later, its critical reputation has grown.

The Tudor City sequence was shot on the roof terrace of Windsor Tower's Penthouse 1, standing in for the terrace of the Godfather's Manhattan residence.

The sequence opens with an establishing shot of Tudor City ‒
 No. 25 as seen from the viewpoint of Penthouse 1.

The Godfather (Al Pacino) and his daughter (Sofia Coppola) 
are having breakfast on Penthouse 1's airy roof terrace.

His daughter has been named head of a new charitable foundation, 
and she asks her father if it's a front to "shine up your public image."

The Godfather denies it . . .

. . . swearing to her "the foundation is real, this is legitimate."

But both of them know he's lying. . .

This marks Pacino's second film set in Tudor City. He also made a memorable appearance in a nerve-rattling scene in Scarface, set outside No. 5. More about that here.

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