April 27, 2018

Lost Tudor City: DRUG STORE Edition

Once upon a time, Tudor City had its very own drug store, set in No. 25. In place when the building opened in 1928, it remained in business until the early 1970s.

After that, the drug store space became a Thomas Cook Travel Agency. Today, Conrad's Bike Shop and the Tudor Garden Nail Salon stand in its place.

Above right, a 1941 rendering of the drug store's location in No. 25.
The drug store was originally named Old English Tudor Chemists. Above, a 1944 ad offering everything from sunglasses to beach bags to leg makeup ‒ owing to the wartime nylon shortage.

The pet-friendly interior of the drug store, 1957. Cotton balls, Kleenex and eau de cologne share space with a rack of paperbacks in the rear.

By the 1960s, the name has changed to Tudor City Pharmacy, with a new focus on beauty products.  The Tudor City Luncheonette (mentioned above and pictured below) was a modest counter-service affair with half-a-dozen stools.

Tudor City Pharmacy, bottom right corner, circa 1960.

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  1. This was my grandfather’s pharmacy. His name was Murray Blank. I don’t know exactly when he sold it. I believe it was before 1957.