April 25, 2018

Tudor City on Film: Behind the scenes of THE PEACEMAKER

Some candid photos of a set built in Tudor City for The Peacemaker, the 1997 thriller starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman profiled earlier. Taken by an unknown photographer, the shots document the construction of a chapel for a key sequence in the flick.

Built in the 41st Street cul-de-sac between No. 25 and No. 5, the chapel thrills the locals. Never before (or since) has a set this elaborate been constructed in the neighborhood.

Above, the finished product in a view looking east, with No. 5 looming behind it. Its northern wall is unfinished given pre-determined camera angles.
Much effort is expended in its construction ‒ despite its short amount of actual screen time. No. 25 at upper left.
In addition to the chapel, a fence, sidewalk and landscaped lawn are also constructed.

The back of the set in a view looking west. Paging the Wizard of Oz.

How it appears in a freeze frame from the finished film. On the right, No. 5 gets the full-on F/X treatment, morphed into a grand cathedral. So why did the filmmakers go to such elaborate lengths to construct the chapel? 

The chapel was built to facilitate a stunt, a climactic explosion which propels our heroes ‒ or at least our heroes' stunt doubles ‒ out onto Tudor City Place. 


Our unknown photojournalist also captured some candid shots of Nicole Kidman, George Clooney and various crew members on set.

Photographs from the collection of Mary Frances Shaughnessy. Thank you, MFS!

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