June 12, 2018

Lost Tudor City: FOUNTAIN Edition

This installment of Lost Tudor City concerns the long-gone fountain, above, that was the centerpiece of the North Park from 1927 to 1949.

Set in the center of a graveled oval opposite the lich gate entrance, it was the first thing a visitor to the North Park would encounter.

It was topped by a cherub holding a jug, astride a turtle. Water poured out of the jug, as well as from the mouths of lions circling the base.

Above, newspaper ads spotlighting the fountain and touting the enclave's city convenience, country charm, and cool wafting breezes.

No surprise, it was much beloved by small fry.

The parks were completely redesigned and the fountain removed in 1949, as part of the neighborhood upgrades pending the arrival of the U.N.

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  1. AnonymousJune 13, 2018

    It would be great if Greens would repair the broken pipes to restore the fountain in the south park.