December 27, 2018

Tudor City Confidential's GREATEST HITS, 2018 Edition

A year-end round-up of the posts that got the most hits in 2018. 
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1. RESIDENTS: Brian Thompson. A tribute to Tudor City aficionado Brian Thompson, who passed away last February.

2. Miracle on 42nd Street. Reporting the re-lighting of the Hotel Tudor sign, the event of the year as far as this blog is concerned.

3. THEN AND NOW: Richard Meier Edition. Visual evidence of the fall of Richard Meier, the once esteemed, now disgraced, architect.

4. The HOTEL TUDOR SIGN. The sign's backstory.

5. Here Comes Manhattanhenge. The ever-popular solar event/street party, best experienced from the Tudor City Bridge.

6. The WORST TIMES to Live in Tudor City. A tough-times timeline.

7. Video Interlude: COCO ROCHA for LONGCHAMP. Reader favorite Coco Rocha striking poses in the enclave.

8. Tudor City on Film: THE GODFATHER PART III. Al Pacino and Sofia Coppola have breakfast on the terrace of a Windsor penthouse.

9. VACANT LOT Update. Regarding First Avenue's two-block-long vacant lot, along with some portents of the future.

10. TUDOR CITY vs. DOGS. Man's best friend gets a mixed reception in the colony.

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