June 18, 2019

DETAILS: Stained Glass

No. 25's stained glass was installed in 1928, as advertised.
Tudor Tower is home to the finest collection of stained glass in the colony, and here are some particularly beautiful panes along the north wall of what was originally the Tudor City Coffee House (now the Preschool of America). The glass was made by Richard N. Spiers & Son, an esteemed firm whose commissions included windows for Riverside Church, St. Bartholomew's and Temple Emanuel. 
Spiers' designs are based on standard heraldic imagery. Above, a castle (symbol of grandeur), and a helmet (symbol of rank).
A plume of feathers (serenity of mind), and another helmet (rank).
A shield with a cross (faith), and holly leaves (truth)


A big thanks to Jessica Xiao at Preschool of America for the opportunity to photograph these treasures as they are meant to be seen, from the inside out.

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