June 16, 2019

New York The Wonder City

Today, a look at a two-page spread (above) from a 1932 book written by W. Parker Chase: New York the Wonder City ‒ subtitled An Illustrated Story of New York with Statistics and General Data Concerning New York's Vastness, New York's People, New York's Activities, and New York's Intimate Inside Life of 1932.

Written at the height of the Depression, the book is a work of unabashed civic boosterism. New York is "home of the world's greatest captains of industry and the world's most  stupendous structures, the veritable center of our country's wealth, culture and achievement."

Tudor City earns a two-page spread since this "marvelous achievement" is a "complete city in itself," with "palatial buildings," "refined type of neighbors," and "genuine parks with grassy lawns and real shade trees."

Tudor City "does not appeal to millionaires," however. It's geared toward "people who spend carefully."

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