July 17, 2019

DON'T GO DOWN IN THE MINE, DADDY! -- The New Yorker Tudor City Ads

Some amusing ads that ran in the New Yorker in 1928 have recently come our way. We've never seen them before and believe they were written specifically for the magazine ‒ the copy has a 'literary' quality not found in Tudor City's typical ads. 

This selection promotes the colony as an alternative to commuting, a common enough advertising refrain, rendered here in dramatic style, with references to "grim journeys," "wasted lives," and "nerves jumping the track" after "hours underground with half a million others." 

The antidote, of course, is Tudor City, "high, quiet and cool on the East River Front."  The ads, with their glum illustrations and overheated prose, below.



See the New Yorker's editorial coverage of the complex here, here and here

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