September 25, 2019


Co-opting Tudor City's name for product brands is nothing new ‒ in the past, we've posted about convertible couches and credit card cases named after the enclave. Now we're adding faux fur coats to the list, manufactured by Malden Mills and "fashioned in Tudor City."

Faux fur first appeared in the 1960s as an alternative to the more expensive real thing. Among the innovators in the field was Malden Mills, a Massachusetts firm founded in 1906. Although for years a conventional textile mill, it made a name for itself by developing synthetic fabrics made from polyester, beginning with fake fur. What inspired the company to name the line after Tudor City is lost to history. 

The genuine mink collar makes the make-believe otter more believable.

The coats are favorites of vintage clothing fans. Above, items for sale on eBay and Etsy.


  1. I just found that I own one of these coats .. thanks for the information

  2. We just added one to our Tudor City collectables inventory. As well we recently added a vintage dress with the "Molle' Solar NYC" label. Investigating its origin and would appreciate any information available.
    Both ites were EBay finds. Cheers

  3. AnonymousJuly 21, 2021

    I received a coat from a family member with this label. I was about to give it away until I checked the label. I think I will keep it now. Thanks for the information.