November 10, 2019

REAL ESTATE REPORT: What's Your Apartment Worth?

Our occasional survey of recent sale prices in Tudor City, via Streeteasy:

Vintage sign in No. 5's lobby
The Cloister 
$290,000, Apt 515, studio
$790,000, Apt 111, two bedroom

Essex House
$1,590,000, Apt PH1, two bedroom
$850,000, Apt 1005, two bedroom

Haddon Hall
$825,000, Apt 504C, two bedroom
$925,000, Apt 603C, two bedroom

Hardwicke Hall
$885,000, Apt 401B, two bedroom
$359,000, Apt 306, studio

Hatfield House   
$305,000, Apt 206, studio
$350,000, Apt 1404A, studio

The Hermitage 
The Hermitage is a rental-only building. Recent monthly rentals:
$5,100, Apt 405, three bedroom
$3,195, Apt 502, two bedroom

The Manor  
$825,000, Apt 921, two bedroom
$950,000, PH10, two bedroom

Prospect Tower, No. 45
$562,000, Apt 1504, one bedroom
$615,000, Apt 507, one bedroom

Tudor Gardens, No. 2
$850,000, Apt 12AS, one bedroom
$1,000,000, Apt 5BS, two bedroom

Tudor Tower, No. 25
$365,000 Apt 502, studio
$565,000, Apt 1805, one bedroom

Windsor Tower, No. 5
$413,000, Apt 234, studio
$551,000, Apt 711, one bedroom

Woodstock Tower
$415,000, Apt 416, studio
$570,000, Apt 1210, one bedroom


The atmospheric Penthouse 9
This cycle's Big Ticket remains Penthouse 9 in Windsor Tower, now discounted to $2,225,000 from its original $2,850,000 price. A two-bedroom, two-bath triplex, it includes a fireplace-equipped double-height living room and a 1,000-sq-ft private roof terrace. Monthly maintenance: $5,030. See its Brown Harris Stevens listing here.

Elsewhere in the million dollar‒plus club are a $1,095,000 two bedroom in No. 45, a $1,395,000 three bedroom in No. 25, and a $1,495,000 three bedroom in No. 2.


In other news, there's a new book out about the complex written by Windsor Tower resident Lawrence Samuel. Published by The History Press, it's entitled Tudor City and can be found on Amazon, eBay, etc.

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