November 27, 2019

Special BEAUTY Edition

Caruso Beauty Salon, 1962
Herewith, a selection of advertisements for Tudor City's longtime beauty parlor, in business for over 35 years. All the ads come from Tudor City View, the monthly neighborhood gazette. 

In 1934, the Tudor City Beauty Shop opens in No. 25, leased by Michael Caruso.

The business gets a new name (Caruso's Beauty Salon) and a new address (Windsor Tower) in 1939. 

Caruso's two sons, Enrico and Julius, learn the trade in the shop, and go on to become celebrity hair stylists. In 1951, Enrico invents the Poodle Cut, a tightly curled style popularized by Lucille Ball that would prove to be his claim to fame. 

A nostalgic look back at hair curling techniques of yore, from 1966, when nostalgia was in flower.

More on the Caruso Beauty Salon here.

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