February 12, 2020

MARRIAGE Tudor City Style

A post about married life in Tudor City ‒ or at least married life in Tudor City as imagined by advertising copywriters of yore.

No surprise, Tudor City is ideal for the courtship stage preceding marriage. At left, a 1931 art deco ad accompanied by a poem conjuring up a dreamy enclave of "river breezes," "violet hazes" and "distant murmurs of the metropolis," made for marriage proposals. 

The poem, in full:

Over in the West gleaming lights
Stretch skyward tier on tier.
A violet haze softens the outlines of miraculous buildings.
At your feet lies a park-like lawn bordered with glorious flowers.
A river breeze stirs your curtains with its cooling breath.
And the distant murmur of the metropolis fades away ‒
As Evening comes to Tudor City.

Budget-friendly rents and relief from "hit-and-run housekeeping" keep marriages on track, in the above ads from 1940.

A pair of 1939 ads promising "married life free from needless housekeeping worries" plus "real country atmosphere" and "two extra hours a day of leisure."

Below, the concept that Tudor City can save marriages by making one's husband feel "more like a man ‒ and less like a mashed potato." This 1929 gem ran in, where else, the New Yorker.

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