February 16, 2020

That White Packard, Explained

The Packard in front of the flagship Madison Avenue store.
Several months ago, a reader spotted a vintage white Packard in the enclave and wondered what it was doing there. Today, the mystery unraveled.

The car was part of a promotion by Paul Stuart, the fancy clothier on Madison and 45th. To celebrate the relaunch of its e-commerce site, the shop was offering free delivery ‒ via a white 1938 Packard ‒ to anyone in Manhattan spending $1,000 or more online. (The car's 1938 vintage was a nod to the store's founding in 1938.)

The Packard was photographed in Tudor City as part of the promotion. 

In front of No. 2, with merchandise spilling out the door.

Above and below, a delivery at The Manor.

Another vintage car sighting here.

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