September 27, 2020

Selling the Breeze

The usual selling points for Tudor City advertising included its walkability to work and leisure, along with its parks and overall country-in-the-city atmosphere. And then there was one of the colony's natural wonders: its cooling river breezes.

One of the earliest ads to identify this benefit ran in August, 1928, headlined "Cooled by Every Breeze That Blows" and illustrated with one of the Tudor City weathervanes (at left). 

"North, south, east or west," the copy promises, "fresh cooling air pours in your windows at Tudor City. No matter what the mercury says in the center of town, in Tudor City it is cool. The parks, with their green grass, trees and fountains, give the breeze a quality that city air never gets."

Below, some reiterations of this idea over the years:

Ad detail, August, 1936

June, 1939

June, 1937

To illustrate the breeze, some ads featured billowing curtains "moving in Swingtime," a snappy reference to a style of jazz.
August, 1931

August, 1931


  1. It's true! On Friday night, my husband and I were dining at the TC Steakhouse and when you moved beyond the edge of the building, the breeze was indeed very brisk! I love open windows living in our amazing little neighborhood :)

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