September 23, 2020

Tudor City on Film: PERSON OF INTEREST

This episode of Tudor City on Film zooms in on Person of Interest, a procedural TV series about a particularly modern kind of paranoia: fear of computer surveillance. 

The storyline centers around a crime-predicting artificial intelligence program developed by a mysterious billionaire, who recruits a former CIA agent to stop crime before it happens.

The show ran for five seasons on CBS, more of a popular hit (92% on the Tomatometer) than a critical one (66 metascore on Metacritic). It's now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Tudor City's bridge is the setting for a brief sequence in Season 2, Episode 6: "The High Road," starting at 7:32. 

The sequence begins with a couple in conversation on the Tudor City Bridge. 

They are old friends. The woman (Paige Turco) is aware that the man (Jim Caviezel) works for a billionaire with some kind of crime-predicting software.

Then, with little preamble, he produces a wedding ring and proposes marriage. 

In fact, he has an assignment in suburbia and needs a "wife," so it is a sham proposal!

She knows it's a sham, and wishes it wasn't. They depart for suburbia. 

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