October 11, 2020

REAL ESTATE REPORT: What's Your Apartment Worth?

Our last survey of recent sale prices in Tudor City took place in February, eons ago. Though there was little activity March through June (when in-person inspections were banned), sales began to pick up after the ban was lifted in July. As for the future, we're betting on the story that the Times ran the other day: "New York Real Estate Is On the Mend." 

Recent Tudor City sale prices via Streeteasy.

Vintage sign in No. 5's lobby
The Cloister 
$750,000, Apt 101, two bedroom
$510,000, Apt 614, one bedroom

Essex House
$1,045,000, Apt 507, two bedroom
$750,000, Apt 101, two bedroom

Haddon Hall
$999,500, Apt 901C, two bedroom
$925,000, Apt 603C, two bedroom

Hardwicke Hall
$885,000, Apt 401B, two bedroom
$359,000, Apt 306, studio

Hatfield House   
$305,000, Apt 206, studio
$350,000, Apt 1404A, studio

The Hermitage 
The Hermitage is a rental-only building. Recent monthly rentals:
$3,246, Apt 201C, two bedroom
$2,795, Apt 204C, two bedroom

The Manor  
$522,000, Apt 1009, one bedroom
$570,000, Apt 207, one bedroom

Prospect Tower, No. 45
$570,000, Apt 1618, one bedroom
$335,000, Apt 1321, studio

Tudor Gardens, No. 2
$645,000, Apt 10KN, one bedroom
$1,349,000, Apt 15CN, two bedroom

Tudor Tower, No. 25
$380,000, Apt 1116, studio
$320,000, Apt 1992, studio

Windsor Tower, No. 5
$525,000, Apt 1920, one bedroom
$585,000, Apt 1732, one bedroom

Woodstock Tower
$620,000, Apt 2018, one bedroom
$445,000, Apt 409, studio


Now on the market, this cycle's Million-Dollar Club includes a $1,250,000 three bedroom in No. 25, a $1,295,000 two bedroom in Essex House, and a $1,500,000 two bedroom in No. 2. The Big Ticket winner is Penthouse 9 in Windsor Tower, which has been been on and off the market for several years, and now relisted for $1,900,000.

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