October 7, 2020

Views from the Bridge, 1933

Some rare, delightfully tinted photos made in Tudor City around 1933. The view looks west down the 42nd Street corridor from atop the 42nd Street tunnel (later replaced by the Tudor City Bridge).
The vista includes a ghostly rendition of the Chrysler Building along with the back of The Hermitage [far right]. Standing tall in the center is the community flagpole ‒ sans flag ‒ which was later moved to a corner of the North Park.

Showcasing The Woodstock and the Chrysler Building. 

At the time, the Chrysler Building towered over the neighborhood. The second-tallest structure in the photo is 801 Second Avenue, an office building on the corner of 43rd and 2nd, erected in 1932 and still standing.

Today, the same view is more photographable than ever thanks to the invention of camera-equipped cellphones. Some examples here.

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