January 1, 2022

The Woodstock's Salvaged Lion

 First of all, sorry for the long pause. Going forward, we'll be posting weekly, on Sundays...

Today, a look at the new addition to The Woodstock's rear garden, one of the lion statues lining the top of the building. It no longer met safety requirements, and was removed and replaced with a copy of the original. The ever-resourceful Woodstock kept the original, moved it to the rear and made a little garden around it.

As one can see above, the Tudor Rose is striking as ever, and the statue still looks well; below, in all its glory.

Thanks to Anne Stoddard for the tip. 


  1. Fabulous photos! Thx for sharing.

    Michele - ex-Woodstock resident

  2. What a perfect entry for this reignition! Everything old is new again!

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