January 9, 2022


A look at the teenaged publishing wunderkind, Walt Cessna, who lived in the colony in 1991.

Walt Cessna, circa 2005
Born in 1964, Cessna lived many lives:
 street hustler, club kid, photographer, clothing designer, Village Voice writer, stylist for a Nine Inch Nails tour. He was in and out of drug rehab, HIV positive, and very amusing to be around.

He also was a prolific publisher of 'zines, including his infamous journal, STOP, in which he sums up the scene in his own pictures. 

One issue gave its address as 5 Tudor City Place, where Cessna was living at the time. He didn't stay there long.

Returning to the East Village, he continued to do what he had always done -- more 'zines, more photos, more drugs -- but somehow it wasn't the same. At the time of his death in 2017, Cessna was 53 years old. By his own standards, he stayed way too long at the party.

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