June 12, 2022

Summer in Tudor City

 A look at an article published in the September, 1929 edition of The Voice, published by the French Company for its employees. 

"Tudor City has brought summer comfort in town within the reach of the average man. A community of modern apartment houses on a hill swept by river breezes, and grouped around two large, beautifully landscaped parks ‒ here at last is the answer to the busy business man's hot-weather problems."

"In these parks reigns genuine peace. Here, as nowhere else in New York, one's ears are unassailed by the constant roar of swiftly-passing motors; one's nostrils unoffended by their poisonous exhaust fumes. For there is no through traffic in this oasis of quiet."

"Mrs. Tenant finds it good on a warm day to sit in the shade on a comfortable bench and gaze upon the smooth lawns, with the murmur of the fountain mingling pleasantly with the voices of her children playing in the sand-boxes nearby. And what could be more delightful to her husband, as a soothing aftermath to a tiring day in a hot office?"

"Of course, if one happens to have a penthouse apartment, he need only step out on his own private roof space to enjoy them. Especially delightful is the view at night, with the million-jeweled city on one side, on the other the dark water with the lights of the river craft gliding slowly to and fro ‒ and always the cool, invigorating breeze."

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  1. AnonymousJune 13, 2022

    Wow, this post is really funny and cute! Great to know there is a spot where my ears will be unassailed.
    Steve B.