October 30, 2022

Four Studies of Tudor City by J. F. BAUTISTA

Today, four charcoal studies of Tudor City by J.F. Bautista.

Bautista made these to illustrate a paper called "Saving Tudor City: The Thrill of Victory" by Tim Maldonado, published by the New York City Technical College in its magazine Perspectives. The 'victory' mentioned was the guarantee that Tudor City's green spaces would remain parks in perpetuity. This had been signed into law in 1988, and this paper was published two years later.

The search for author Maldonado proved fruitless, but J. F. Bautista is ever active. Visit his website here.

The front entrance of Essex House.

A side entrance to The Manor.

A close-up of the plaque on Prospect Tower. This rendition has the old-style lanterns.

A study of two buildings, No. 25 and No. 5.

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