December 4, 2022

Even More Miscellany

Another edition of miscellaneous items, not enough to build a post around, but certainly worth a mention.
For our first example, an advertisement from 1931. Here's the poem that accompanies it:
When the Boss gets hard-boiled,
Fires the clock-watchers, and won't listen to
The most truthful story of a traffic jam;
When you turn up five minutes late ‒
Then, if you work in the Grand Central zone, see if
Your friend in Tudor City can put you up.
At least until the Old Man softens.
It may save your job. 
What it all means is, well, anyone's guess. Check out our earlier story of this ad campaign, here.

Another view of the Tudor Theatre; even at midday, it's hard to make out what is playing given how dark everything is because of the El. Named in honor of Tudor City, the theater was located one block over on Third Avenue and East 41st Street.

A photo shoot for Tory Burch yielded only this image on her website. Oh, well

Finally, acknowledging the approaching holidays, here's a 1950's version issued by the United Nations, with a hint of Tudor City along the bottom edge. Art by Ragkow.


  1. Vivienne GilbertDecember 04, 2022

    Always fun- no matter what- Thanks

  2. These photos are incredible!