February 25, 2024

Anatomy of a Photo: THE END OF 42ND STREET

In this episode of Anatomy of a Photo, we examine the above photograph that is of some interest because it shows the back of No. 45, as opposed to the endless views of its front. As a bonus, it's helpfully dated: January 28, 1932.

The 42nd Street tunnel dominates this view of the street, and would remain in place until the 1950s. Also of note is the sole street light, left of center, a Bishops Crook model that gave the area its shadowy allure after dark. 

The northern side of 42nd Street is made up of various businesses relating to the nearby meatpacking district, selling equipment like scales and knives and power-choppers. 

Rising up majestically, The Manor makes a sly cameo appearance.  

The Chrysler Building framed by a sliver of No. 25 and No. 45. The absence of signage on No. 25 suggests that the second sign came down in 1931. 

More details on this subject here.

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