March 3, 2024

The Mayors of Tudor City

Today's subject is an interesting one, an animal and a person who claim to be the Mayor of Tudor City. What the job exactly entails was never spelled out, neither the salary, nor the length of service, but all the same, the recipient valiantly accepted the position. 

Daily News, April 28, 1930

First to be named Mayor ‒ at least by the press ‒ is Snoopy the cat, who assumes the title after successfully taking on every dog in the neighborhood. But Snoopy does not regard the Mayor business very seriously and it's over before he knows it.

Great Falls Leader, April 12, 1932

Then some years went by until 1956, when columnist Walter Winchell broke the following story:

Daily News, 1956
It was a somewhat fishy story, and it quickly faded away. Not a word about how it felt to be Mayor. Nothing.

Stradella had an interesting backstory, however. After the war, he established a bar/restaurant named Danny's Hide-A-Way on East 45th St. His mother did the cooking, and he acted as bartender and waiter. Somewhere along the way, the place attracted the television crowd and became well-known among show biz types. Danny decorated the walls with photos of himself and the famous.
With Marilyn Monroe

Roy Rogers

Judy Garland and husband Sid Luft

Dean Martin and Dick Martin

Stradella closed his business in 1975 over a labor dispute. The mystery of the Mayor of Tudor City endures. . .


  1. Are you sure that's not Dick Martin (of Rowan & Martin) and not Jim Nabors?

  2. Still looks like Dick Martin.