March 10, 2024


Once again, it's time for some fun as some items of miscellany are discussed.

A view of No. 45 and its sign, circa 1965. Also notable for the sign of Crimmins Construction, the firm that was building the Ford Foundation.


No, the landscaping in the parks hasn't been enhanced. This is the Hotel Everglades in Miami, Florida, a recent acquisition of the French Company.

A rare view of sunbathing on No. 45's rooftop. A closer look at the chairs (below) reveals them to be French Company property. 

A photo of the building at 8 Prospect Place. As you recall, this was the holdout that prevented developing the site, finally bought by the French Company and opened as No. 2 in 1956. This rare view of the building suggests it was set on a country lane, but in fact it was directly opposite No. 5.

There's more about 8 Prospect Place here.


  1. fantastic as always! thank you

  2. So interesting to see No. 2 the way it was in 1956. Thank you again for sharing these historical photos and stories.