April 14, 2024

Early Advertising

Some samples of early advertising for Tudor City, all of which ran in the first year of the enclave's opening.   

The poor commuter faces 1,500,000 like-minded souls daily at Grand Central Station. The answer to this problem is, of course, Prospect Tower and The Manor, which "will be ready for occupancy in September."

The poor old coal shovel was but one of many things left behind in the trip to the more upscale side of life in Tudor City, where apartment living was a dream to aspire to.

Two examples of an ad campaign making a case for how a day can be two hours longer for 8 private secretaries and 15 salesmen.

This ad reads upscale ‒ "green trees, shadowed lawns, splashing fountains" ‒ undercut with a hint of snob appeal. 

We close with this twist on the famed Maxwell House Coffee slogan, "good to the last drop." In the updated version, toast choked down with gulped coffee are signs of someone who "never has time for 'the last drop.'" Move to Tudor City, for Pete's sake.

Further reading on the subject here and here.


  1. great collection of ads - i would have given in to the allure! makes me want to move in NOW!

  2. where can i find a high resolution scan or better yet the original advertisement for “2 hours will be added to the day of 8 secretaries”? the map is gorgeous!