July 13, 2017

Special CARTOON Edition

One of the more chaotic times to live in Tudor City is between 1949-1953, when neighborhood upgrades for the arrival of the United Nations shatter the enclave's tranquility. The streets are torn up, rowhouses are demolished, and blasting, drilling and jack-hammering become the order of the day.

Enter Frank Mack, a cartoonist residing in Tudor City. Mack is best remembered for his cartoon work for a WWII public health campaign to eradicate malaria from military bases. Issued monthly as pinup calendars, his cartoons are credited with making a significant contribution to the eventual eradication of the disease in the U.S.
Racy malaria prevention calendars for May-June, 1945
After the war, Mack takes an apartment in the Hermitage just as the construction begins. Despite the tumult around him, he can see the "humorous side of the work on the U.N. approach," and does a series of cartoons on the subject, published in Tudor City View, below.

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