January 5, 2020


A year-end roundup of the stories that got the most hits in 2019.
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1. Strange But True: SIGN EDITION. The Tudor City Sign goes letterless in preparation for a long overdue renovation.

2. CONFIDENTIAL: Tudor City's Most Sensational Crime. Recounting a shocking 1985 triple murder in No. 25.

3. SIGN UPDATE. Explaining the newly installed scaffolding and netting around the Tudor City Sign.

4. Here Comes the Turken Foundation Dormitory. A new 21-story building rises on the corner of 41st and 2nd, abutting Hatfield House. 

5. Strange But True: SCOTCH, THE WONDER DOG.
 A dog, trapped in an apartment on fire, manages to open the window so he can be rescued by firemen. 

6. Introducing AZALEA & OAK. A chic boutique opens in Windsor Tower.

7. Another SIGN UPDATE. Picturing the newly fabricated replacement letters for the Tudor City Sign.

8. Introducing the FORD FOUNDATION GALLERY. A new art gallery opens in the newly named Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice.

9. Residents: TWIGGY. The '60s supermodel reveals she was a Tudor City resident on Instagram.

10. Introducing LISTO, the Wonder Horse. A fashion shoot on the Tudor City Bridge featuring Listo, a white stallion famous for his acting and modeling work.


Bonus links for two all-time favorite posts, the Tudor City DINING GUIDE and DRINKING GUIDE

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